Kamis, 02 September 2010

Just Two Words : Patience and Gratitude

Hey, this day I felt a lot of bizzare things. They just came out and faced me strongly! Well, indeed only me and someone who felt the same things, could understand which is a complicated :D : ANXIOUS *sigh*
Maybe it was because, I miss a lot of people whom I love the most, but I couldn’t meet them up yet fyuuh~ bapak (dad) and my two brothers (niko and tunjung),  Hh~ :’) Alright, these are not going to tell about above story :p *digress*

These are what I’m gonna tell about..

We often meet this : A HAPPINESS. Come on, just say yes for this, but, many people would say that they feel unlucky, bad day, totally sad, or on really really SLUMPED! Not impossibility, we are apart of them, don’t we? Some people feel that they unloved by someone they love, whereas, there are many other people LOVE you, with a sincerity. Or maybe there is a person, would stay standing up behind you, for waiting you, then say : I love you because Allah. I love you just the way you are.

NOTHING?? you never feel that? Gosh, if you are not feel that u do to be loved by someone that just appeared for you, I could say that you don’t grateful.

What would you say next? I have no money? I’m not rich? Is that really don’t have any mean to you, a Sincerity? What I thought is, a sincerity has so much means for every relationship. Which is only felt by a deep heart.

Or you’re gonna say : My problem is more complicated than yours, bro! You will not understand! Ehmmmmm.. I’m gonna say : What about a person I know, they always cheerful, keep smiling, and give the good things infront of us (me and friends). Eventhough, their salary not more than enough for their daily life, for their family. They never complaining about their money.. Allah, I just envy with their attitude. They are an office boy at my office, then I could learn this : PATIENCE and GRATITUDE.

Please, answer this question..

“Then, Which grace of your God that you’ll deny?” Qs Arrahman : 13

Jakarta, 1 September 2010 / 22 Ramadhan 1431 H - 10.53 pm

3 komentar:

Iman mengatakan...

Mencoba untuk selalu menjadi hamba-Nya yang bersyukur

Mayyadah Or Maya mengatakan...

i know how your feel :)
because , sometimes, i just get the situations as yours

btw, lam kenal. ur english is so freakin' great. keep it!

dian eka mengatakan...

@mas iman. InsyaAllah.. :)
@Maya. Thank you sister! ^^ Salam ukhuwah.. thanks for visiting my amateur blog :p