Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010


A person who through all the words that you have send for me, your love, your care, especially with your sincerity, always successfully make my feelings getting stronger. How I got speechless when you sent this message,
I just said what I feel. I can’t keep it by myself. I miss your eyes, the way you look at me.. seems like I’m the only one that you love in this world
But for me, you are someone who suddenly appeared, then sending me many those things.. Came and being my little star in my every single step. Then in every second with you, I will dive with, happiness or grief. May Allah guides us to the right place, with the right way, my little sister. I love you just the way you are, because Allah SWT.

Fawatstsiqillaahumma roobithattahaa.. aamin :)

3 komentar:

Iman mengatakan...

Persaudaraan dalam ukhuwah terkadang jauh melampaui pertalian darah...

Keep on ukhuwah sis :D

dian eka mengatakan...

Thank youu mas! ^^ InsyaAllah I'll keep on ukhuwah..

iLLa mengatakan...

selalu terharu setiap doa rabitha itu dibacakan diakhir majelis. artinya itu lohh... T_T
harta termewah yg dimiliki ummat ini adalah ukhuwah, so keep it on.. :)